About Trust

Teaching and continuous learning got a far deeper meaning when the ‘Rajnath Basak Memorial Foundation’ was set-up in the year 2017, under section 58, W.B. Registration Rules,1962. The main aims and objects for which the Trust is established are:-

  1.  To Promote literacy and education and to by emphasis an technical education.
  2.  To organize and take up health, educational, safety and welfare programs.
  3.  To promote and undertake integral village development projects, employment generation programs, crafts and vocational training centres.
  4. To work in conjunction of various projects and schemes with governmental and semi-governmental authorities and/ or non-governmental organization in India.
  5.  To run, maintain, establish any autonomous institution of Fire and Safety .
  6.  To promote the educational, social, economical and general welfare of the people.
  7.  To organize, manage and run diploma and certificate courses on Entrepreneurship, Fire and Safety Management, leadership and such other programs and award certificates to the successful candidates.